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My baby irishtattoo is coming home to me❤️


I’m on my way baby girl

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Okay, lame fiancé moment:

To my future husband,

I’m going to write you a letter, like a lot of them, in this green notebook with these green pens(your favorite colors). I’m going to tell you when you’re being a douchedick and when you’re being the best thing that’s ever happened. I’m going to tell you the things I think I cute and adorable and also the things the get under my skin. I’m going to keep writing until our honeymoon and give it to you a a gift. I know you’re not the emotional type, but I hope it means a lot to you just as it does me and if you don’t care, well I’ll just write another letter about it and start over.

I love you jerk face.


Traumatic cataract with an iridodialysis (separation of the iris from it’s attachment to the ciliary body) from a blunt injury during childhood.

Photo credit: Cindy Montague, CRA

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